June 20, 2024
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Many local chiropractors in the city of El Paso, TX bring various chiropractic news articles that are dealing with the latest news in adjustment techniques, technology, medical discoveries and more. By being the third-largest area of medicine today, the term chiropractic comes the Greek meaning “treatment by hand.”  Which is what chiropractors do by using their hands to manipulate the body as well as promoting healing and wellness. There are many ways to name a person who does chiropractic care like DC (doctor of chiropractic), chiropractor, or even chiropractic physician. These are health professionals that are trained to diagnose and treat disorders in the musculoskeletal and nervous systems in the body. A chiropractor treats patients of all ages from infants to adults while believing in a traditional (non-surgical) hands-on method of treating these disorders. The chiropractic philosophy is dependent on the following belief statements: All bodily functions are connected as well as the healing process requires the entire body. With a healthy nervous system including the spine is an important factor in a healthy body. With the spinal cord, it carries advice throughout the body and is accountable for many bodily functions including voluntary movements (such as walking) and involuntary functions (like respiration). This is known as homeostasis where the systems of the body are in equilibrium. When there are disorders in the bones, muscles, and nerves can increase the risk of many disorders along with many other health problems that can disrupt homeostasis. When body systems are in harmony, the human anatomy can get the extraordinary ability to heal itself and become well.

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