April 22, 2024
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The spine is the protective barrier for the nervous system which is a powerful system that controls every function in the human body. The nervous system informs the body to breathe, makes sure the heart is beating, making sure that the arms and legs to move, informing the body when and how to produce new cells, and even has the power to control healing itself. When the spine is damaged or misaligned it can dramatically interfere with the signals that are constantly being sent through the nervous system. Thus resulting in bodily pain, internal deterioration and losing many of the everyday functions of the body that people take for granted.

When it comes to spinal hygiene, it is extremely important and yet about 89% of the world’s population does not realize how important it is to maintain proper alignment of the vertebrae. Through chiropractic adjustment, it can help alleviate the pain and realign the spine as well as protecting the spine from injury through healthy living practices. Sadly though, everyone neglects the spine since childhood through tumbles and trips that can jar the spine all the way through adulthood as people start to lift extremely heavy loads, carrying overloaded backpacks, accidents, injuries, and stress. Now in recent years, everyone is starting to get back on the healthy route and taking care of their spine. By talking to many local chiropractors, they can help a person by explaining the different ways to improve spine hygiene.

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