June 26, 2022
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Many local doctors and chiropractors are proud to present UTEP athletics as a recognized collegiate sports program that is distinguished by academic excellence, premier athletic teams, and high strong moral principles. The athletics program will add value and an advantage to the university through the cultivation of relationships. Many local health care professional’s goal is to get young kids interested in sports. Not just playing them but understanding the value of exercise, training, and movement, these are essential for a healthy productive life. The training programs are designed for athletes that are looking to gain a competitive edge in their sport. By providing sport-specific services, these programs can help increase an athlete’s performance through mobility, strength, and endurance. Occasionally, however, the excess workouts can lead many athletes to suffer from injuries or develop underlying conditions. Many local healthcare professionals have a chronicle of articles for athletes to display in detail the many forms of complications that are affecting these professionals while also focusing on the possible solutions and treatments to follow in order to achieve athlete’s overall well-being.

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