June 26, 2022
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Many local chiropractors and healthcare professionals in El Paso, TX discuss cerebral palsy. They help provide the following collection of articles to educate as well as help the reader understand various aspects of cerebral palsy. Often abbreviated as CP,  cerebral palsy is a neurological movement disorder caused by a non-progressive brain injury. It is believed to have occurred sometime during a child’s stages of brain development.

Every case of CP is unique to the individual. One person may have total paralysis and require constant care, while another may have partial paralysis that might have slight movement tremors but require little to no assistance. This is due to the type of injury and the timing of the injury all the way to the developing brain.

CP can also affect body movement, muscle control, coordination, posture, and balance, among other gross motor skills. Even though CP has no cure, there are various treatment options, including chiropractic care, which can be used to improve strength, mobility, and flexibility.

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