June 26, 2022
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Local chiropractors and healthcare providers in El Paso, TX are discussing about clinical neurophysiology. Many local chiropractors began to explore the clinical significance and functional activities of peripheral nerve fibers, the spinal cord, brainstem, and brain in the context of visceral and musculoskeletal disorders. With this information, patients will gain an advanced understanding of the anatomy, genetics, biochemistry, and physiology of pain in relation to various clinical syndromes. Along with nutritional biochemistry being related to nociception and pain will be incorporated. The implementation of this information into therapeutic programs will be emphasized greatly for patients to have a better understanding.

The team has takes great pride in bringing in families and injured patients only due to the clinically proven treatment protocols.  By teaching complete holistic wellness as a lifestyle, doctors can also change not only their patient’s lives but their families as well. By doing this, the information may reach to many El Pasoans who need this, no matter the affordability issues.

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