June 26, 2022
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Scoop.it: Scoop.it was founded in 2007 as Goojet, which is a widget platform for mobile phones, by Guillaume Decugis and Marc Rougier. This app had a rapid rise following in the Apple App Store, which made its widget technology redundant, the company changed its strategy to focus on content marketing and rebranded it as Scoop.it. The company launched its current content curation service in private beta at the end of 2010. Before it was open to all users as a free service in November 2011, the website enables its users to discover content on their topics of interest so that they can curate and publish to their own web page and share it to their social networks. Scoop.it started to received attention from influential bloggers who had identified a need for web content curation. The website rapidly grew in popularity and was being ranked by Alexa in being among the top 1,000 websites globally in 2012. As of July 2013, it had been visited by more than 75 million people according to VentureBeat. Inbound.org also ranked Scoop.it among the top 50 marketing technology companies in the world. Many healthcare professionals have utilized this platform to further their mission to help those in pain.

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