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Neck Pain: Many local chiropractors in El Paso, TX have a collection of neck pain articles that covers an assortment of medical conditions and/or injuries pertaining to pain and other symptoms that are surrounding the cervical spine. The neck consists of various complex structures like; bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and other tissues. When these structures are damaged or injured as a result of improper posture, osteoarthritis, or even whiplash, among other complications, the pain and discomfort from an individual experience can be debilitating.

Depending on the underlying causes, neck pain symptoms can take on many different forms. They include:

A person can have Pain when holding their head in one place for long periods of time
An individual has the inability to move their head freely
Muscle tightness
Muscle spasms
Frequent cracking and crunching
Numbness and nerve pain radiating from the neck down to the upper arm and hand

Through chiropractic care, local chiropractors can explain to their patients how the use of manual adjustments to the cervical spine can greatly help relieve the painful symptoms that are associated with neck issues.

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