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In an ecological and political sense, biocentrism is a moral standpoint that extends the value that is inherited to all things and understand how the earth works. Biocentrism stands in contrast to anthropocentrism, which only centers on human value by extending the whole nature value as well. There are at least two distinct concerns that can drive biocentrism. One, it can largely gear to protecting humanized and sentient entities. Two, biocentrism can focus on avoiding harm and can moderate individual differences in the propensity anthropomorphize characters. Biocentrism can help focus on upholding the purity of the environment while functioning at a more systemic level rather than focusing on the protection of the entities that are individuated. Even though early biocentric beliefs and ideals have expanded through various aspects of society, it has become the basis of ethics regarding its relationship to human biomedical and behavioral research from the practices of human medicine. This includes natural, alternative care options, such as integrative medicine or other treatment options like chiropractic care. By discussing how biocentric ethics work,  healthcare professionals can apply information on healthcare.

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