July 14, 2024
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Severe back pain is any pain that goes above and beyond the normal sprain or strain on the body. This requires an in-depth assessment due to the causes or ideologies that are not easily diagnosed or apparent. By acquiring additional diagnostic procedures, health care professionals can get the information in order to determine how severe the condition is and how to prevent it. Nociceptive and neuropathic pain can be broken down even further into acute and chronic pain, which is different in its form and function in the body. With acute pain, the severity depends on the tissue damage that is caused in the body. Everyone has a protective reflex when it comes to avoiding this pain. With acute pain, there is a reflex in the body that pulls back quickly after a person moves or has been in a certain position. With acute pain, it can be a sign of injured or diseased tissue in the body and it can be cured. Since it is a form of nociceptive pain, neuropathy falls into this category and the nerves will be continuing to send painful messages to the body after the earlier tissue damage is healed.

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