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While being a popular fitness option, CrossFit is a form of exercise that incorporates ballistic movements and rapid but successive high intensity. Anyone who participates in this type of training will begin to develop muscle and joint tightness more quickly than with any other sports, thus making them a high risk for injuries. With any fitness regiment and doing anything that a trainer tells a person what they are doing and how to do it correctly, injuries can and do occur all the time. With chiropractic treatment, it gives these participants and their musculoskeletal system a chance to release their stress and recover quickly to get back out there. Some of the injury rates with CrossFit training is similar to a variety of sports like weight lifting, powerlifting, and gymnastics. The most common injuries that are reported are spine and shoulder injuries. With participants who are training, when they receive chiropractic treatment before and after their training sessions to get better results when it comes to sports injuries with a chiropractic analysis discovering the underlying issues. Local chiropractors can explain to athletes what kind of CrossFit exercises to modified or even steer clear of and having a chiropractor on their side can help correct dysfunctional movements with customizable exercises to achieve optimal performance.

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