April 22, 2024
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Both athletes and the general population can achieve their own personal goals by going through power and strength training and conditions programs. The definition of power is to have the ability to generate as much force as possible in the quickest time. This is needed for many athletic movements in any physical activity like workouts (clean and jerk), swinging a bat, golf club, tennis racket, and running through a tackle.

Since power requires strength and speed, it is used to develop force. Strength is defined as the amount of force that muscles or a certain muscle group exert against an external load. A test called the one rep maximum test, where an individual must assess the maximum weight they can lift while maintaining proper form. For the movement’s speed, it is not important for a strength test. Information that offers insight on a variety of stretches and exercises that strength training provides and explaining the possible risk of injuries that strenuous strength training can cause.

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