April 22, 2024
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One of the first assessment that is completed and used typically are screening test. These tests are used to determine if further diagnostic testing might be needed for patients. Since screening tests are the first step towards diagnosis, they have been designed to be most likely to overestimate the true incidence of any diseases. Screening tests have also been designed to differentiate from diagnostic tests as well as demonstrating a more positive result. However, this can lead to both true positives and false positives. Once the screening test is found to provide a positive result, then a diagnostic test can be completed to confirm the diagnosis.

With many screening tests becoming available for local physicians and advance local chiropractic practitioners, they can utilize these tests in their practices. For many of these tests, there is quite a bit of research to demonstrate the benefits of these tests. Especially seeing the benefits by detecting early diagnosis and treatments that are available for patients. By using the appropriate assessment and diagnostic tools that are being used, local chiropractors and healthcare professions can help patients further clarify and appropriated diagnostic assessments.

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