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Foot orthotics are custom-made inserts that can be medically specified or purchased at a local store. With these custom-made orthotics, they are usually considered to be more effective and a higher quality than pre-made orthotics.

Custom-made orthotics can actually help individuals with:

Correct abnormal walk or gait
Reduce pain
Prevent and protect foot deformity’s
Better positioning (foot alignment)
Take away pressure on the foot
Improve mechanics of the foot

Whether it is from an injury, disease, or condition, by letting local doctors know what is causing foot pain and knowing what type of orthotic to design. By using a 3-D laser scan, the scanner can make an impression of the foot/feet with any adjustments that are needed and make removable inserts.

For anyone that is suffering from foot pain, it can lead to leg, hip, and spine problems, then using orthotics can be the answer. By using foot orthotics, many people can actually prevent any problems and relieve any pain and discomfort from the feet while also being an option to considered and should be discussed with a physician.

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