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There are two active and passive treatment approaches to injury care. Even though both treatments can help patients be on the road towards recovery, surprisingly only active treatments can have a long-term impact and keep patients moving.

Many local healthcare professionals focus on treating injuries that are sustained from auto accidents all the way to sports injuries while providing a complete interventional pain management services and therapeutic programs. These injuries can be from bumps and bruises to torn ligaments and even back pain.

Passive Injury Care

Passive injury care is usually done by a doctor or a physical therapist and includes:

Applying heat/ice to sore muscles
Pain medication

While being a good starting point to help reduce pain, passive injury care is not the most effective treatment. Even though it helps an injured person feel better, the relief does not last very long. Many patients won’t recover from their injuries unless they are actively working to return to their normal life.

Active Injury Care

With active injury care, it is provided by a physician or physical therapist who relies on commitment from injured patients in order to work. The way active injury care becomes more meaningful and productive when the patient takes ownership of their health. With a modified activity plan, it can not only help an injured person transition to be fully functional and even improve their overall physical and emotional wellness. Here are some of the injuries that active injury care can alleviate from:

Spine, neck and back
Knees, shoulders and wrists
Torn ligaments
Soft tissue injuries (muscle strains and sprains)

What does active injury care involve?

With an active treatment plan, it can help the body be as strong and flexible through a personalized work/transitional plan. These plans can help limit the long-term impact and even help injured patients work towards a speedy recovery. Many healthcare professionals will work with patients to better understand the cause of the injuries, then will create a rehabilitation plan that helps keep the patient active and brings them back to proper health in no time.

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