June 26, 2022
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In high school sports, young athletes dreamed to be just like the sports stars on television. In El Paso, TX, local healthcare professionals present local high school sports stories that will inspire and educate young aspiring players as well as others. What child doesn’t dream to dunk or make the winning kick, goal, touchdown, etc… Since the past years, lots of children and adolescents have begun to start training like the pros. However, this presents a problem, as children are participating in various sports and developing injuries at a much higher rate than before. Most of these injuries come from repetition and overuse called Repetitive Strain Injuries(RSI). This happens when kids are playing the same sport all year round. Before it was that a child would play one sport in summer, and a different one in the winter. Now, today’s children are specializing in one sport in the hopes of getting a competitive edge so a sports chiropractor is trained to treat RSI’s in all age groups as well as providing education on proper form, training, nutrition and rest/recovery in order for children to achieve a balanced lifestyle. Depending on the injury the child is in, a chiropractor may request ultrasound, x-rays, electric stimulation to see what the injury is. With a chiropractor, they can help improve the performance on and off the field by helping their bodies to function at the optimum level.

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