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Custom foot orthotics can help to take away the pain one can feel from having foot pronation or supination. Unfortunately, foot pronation and supination are more common that you might think! These issues in the foot can occur at anytime and to anyone. This video does a great job as describing why these and how these issues arise and what they are caused by. Most patients come in with some kind of knee pain and lower back, but they do not realize that it is associated with the arch in their foot. When the mechanics of the feet are not working optimally, it can begin to cause aches and pains throughout the body. Since the body works in a chain reaction type motion any kind of small upset can cause long term effects. This video properly demonstrates and explains the experience of discomfort an individual might feel when dealing with a pronated or supinated foot. I personally wear custom foot orthotics and have seen them change the lives of many of our patients. Not only does their lower back pain decrease, but their daily posture improves as well. Custom foot orthotics help to diminish impact and stress on the bones and joints. Shoes instantly become not only cute but functional and practical to wear!  Custom foot orthotics are 3-D printed to each individual foot to make sure that optimal results and comfort is achieved. Dr. Alexander Jimenez has the technology needed to get each patient properly fitted. You can’t go wrong with these! -Kenna Vaughn, Senior Health Coach


[00:00:15] What are the factors that affect foot posture and mobility that can lead to tissue stress?

[00:00:22] We can talk about or think about excessive mobility.

[00:00:27] Pronation or a pro-nated or flat foot posture.

[00:00:31] And since the excessive mobility pronated for posture is so much more prevalent in the population, we often think of this being the major factor related to foot alignments and foot posture that leads to overuse injury. But we need to think about both foot pronation and supination are key components.

[00:00:54] They’re key movements that permit normal mobility of the foot during activity.

[00:01:01] When we look at the foot undergoing pronation, we know that the arch lowers. But how does the arch lower? We know that the calcaneus, when we undergo the movements of pronation, will evert and the talus will go down and in the end. It will abduct and plantar flex. And when it does so, it causes the navicular to come down. And also the medial calcaneal  When the foot undergoes super nation, the calcareous will inverts. The talus will come up and out or we say it abducts and dorsi-flexes that will cause the navicular to rise as well as the medial can form. So now the arch rises when the foot undergoes pronation. We have this sort of screw like motion between the talus and the calcaneus or nut and bolt type of rotation. So as the Calcaneus everts, the talus comes down and in or adducts and planner flexes that lowers the arch. And then we see that when we undergo supination. Now the calcaneus inverts and the talus comes up and out or it abducts and Dorsi flexes.

[00:02:08] And again, the actions that are going to occur then would be this motion with pronation and this motion with supination.

[00:02:18] Now we know that some degree of pronation is required and we need pronation to permit the lower extremity to rotate with the foot fixed to the floor, what we call transverse plane rotation. We need to allow the foot to accommodate the uneven terrain.

[00:02:36] And we said the pronation increases the mobility of the foot.

[00:02:41] Its excessive foot pronation or a pronated flat foot, flat arched foot posture.

[00:02:47] That can be a factor in the development of tissue stress. And when we look at a foot like this, a very everted rear foot, we can see how the talus is definitely dropped down in end because look at the bulging that we see on the medial side of the ankle and look at how flat the arch is.

[00:03:03] No doubt this foot type, the common injuries associated with it, whether it’s mobility or posture would be chronic plantar heel pain plantar fasciitis, general large pain, posterior tib tendonitis, medial tibial stress syndrome  and anterior knee pain.

[00:03:24] Now we see an individual that is constantly in an everted position. Those two markers that are bisecting the calcaneus never get to vertical, do they?

[00:03:36] Even when the heel comes off the ground and he’s trying to resupinate. These markers will never come in line with the lower markers on the leg.

[00:03:43] Watch what happens right at just about as that other foot starts to pass through.

[00:03:49] You’ll start to see the talus start to come down and everything start to drop.

[00:03:54] And what I want you to look at is the spacing that’s occurring between the navicular and the medial cuneiform. You see right here, there’s more of a gap on the inferior surface than there is on the superior surface. Watch what happens to that gap as he starts to lift his heel up off the ground. The heel is coming off. In other words, that the talus, the calcaneus, the navicular and the cuboid are coming off and stress is being occurred right here.

[00:04:21] So the foot’s coming off basically as braking almost in half. And eventually it catches up.

[00:04:26] But even if we stop him here, there’s no way to see how there’s been any re-alignment is still in that pronated position.

[00:04:33] Best evidence would tell us that studies demonstrating an excessive foot, pronation or quantitive for posture is a risk factor in the development of injuries.

[00:04:43] A pronated foot posture or pronation, extra motion increase motion can cause tissue stress leading to the development of these injuries.

[00:04:54] Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain throughout their body caused by imbalances and instabilities in their feet. But today, individually designed stabilizing orthotics are helping people live active pain free lives. Stabilizing orthotics are designed for your body based on a scan of your feet. Unlike the one size fits all orthotics that don’t address your specific needs, your stabilizing orthotics can provide more stability and support.

[00:05:20] The difference in these orthotics compared to over-the counter is supporting the three arch structure called the plantar vault. This structure provides momentum for movement your arches from its springy flexibility to accommodate changes in terrain.

[00:05:36] If one arch in your foot is compromised or you have flat feet. Flexibility will diminish and can lead to considerable pain in your ankles, knees, hips and back.

[00:05:48] Stabilizing orthotics give you the stable foundation.[00:05:50] You need to help reduce unnecessary stress and strain on your joints. Your plantar vault also provides strength to support the weight of your entire body.

[00:06:01] Once your feet are properly supported, a leveling effect will occur to your ankles, knees and hips.


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