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Adrenal Fatigue (AF): The adrenal glands are the main control center for stress responses outside the nervous system. The body has two adrenal glands, which are about the size of a walnut, located directly above the kidneys and they control the body’s responses by secreting cortisol, which is a hormone that helps the body cope with stress. Properly functioning adrenal glands are a keystone to overall health and wellbeing; however, due to today’s high-stress society, this natural defense can easily become disrupted and allow toxins to accumulate and do great damage to the body. Excessive and chronic stress can overburden the adrenal glands and inhibit hormone output causing the body’s natural coping mechanisms to fail.

As stress and fatigue advance, there are new symptoms and ailments that are associated with Adrenal Fatigue will emerge. Early-stage symptoms can include low blood pressure, insomnia, and lethargy; advanced stage symptoms include anxiety, panic disorders, heart palpitations, low libido, hypersensitivities to medication, and food sensitivities. All of these symptoms can negatively affect a person’s daily life and eventually, the NEM stress response fails. Even the smallest bodily stresses can seem unbearable because the body’s natural coping mechanisms have been slowed and overloaded.

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