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Arthropathies is described as any disease of the joints. When there is a group of arthropathic disorders that can afflict the joints, like sacroiliitis (inflammation in the sacroiliac joint), Charcot’s disease (degeneration of a weight-bearing joint), and arthrogryposis (curving of the joints). Many health care professionals use arthropathy interchangeably with arthritis or joint inflammation. There are many forms of arthropathy that are distinct from arthritis known as neuropathic arthropathy. Neuropathic arthropathy is when there is nerve damage from diabetes or other nerve conditions that results in slow joint damage. For diabetic people, arthropathy usually affects the feet and ankles in their bodies.  With hypertrophic pulmonary osteoarthropathy, this condition is where the bone ends on the ankles, knees, wrist, and elbows begin to grow abnormally and painfully. For people with lung cancer will have their fingertips become rounded and this type of arthropathy is called clubbing. Hemarthrosis is when there is blood leaking into a joint in the body. This only occurs after injuries or medical procedures and is a problem for people with hemophilia.

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