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Intermittent Fasting: For the majority of individuals, fasting all day and then having a good evening meal is one of the best strategies for a fast day. A small calorie allowance on fast times is about 500-600 calories. With a single 500 calorie meal can be very substantial, but a person may be able to possess mini-meals if they try to spread the calories more than dinner, lunch, and breakfast.
Most men and women find that eating just a small amount only cures the hunger pangs for a brief time and it actually makes them hungrier for the rest of the day. Therefore, it is generally best to avoid snacking on fast days and spare your calories until you can have a full healthy meal.
In addition, it is easier for many people to wait to eat before and it is also more effective for weight loss if they have to fast for longer. A survey inquired into the factors that influence weight loss on the 5:2 diet has proven this. The analysis of the survey questionnaire discovered that fasting for over 20 hours on a fast day leads to a greater weight loss than fasting for less than 16 hours. There are lots of possible scientific explanations for why this could be and many local doctors explains some of the fulminating concepts of this diet.

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