April 22, 2024
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Like many sports, it involves team members and coordination, and volleyball is one of those sports that ranks behind soccer among the many participation sports for young athletes to play. Volleyball is a team sport that is originated in the U.S. and is consists of two teams on a court, divided by a net. In recent years, it shows that more than 24 million Americans who have played volleyball and grown to love the sport. The main objective of volleyball is that each team has to send the ball over the net and if the ball hits on the opponent’s side onto the ground the team gets the point and vise versa. Besides the basic rules, volleyball also involves a lot of jumping, striking, and falling since it is a contact sport and many injuries can occur when people play this game. Surprisingly, injury patterns can vary between volleyball, however, whether it is being played indoors or on the beach, the injuries are the same. A lot of volleyball players develop a common injury known as RSI or Repetitive Strain Injury, where there is a repetition of injuries on certain body parts that are being active. For volleyball players, they overuse the shoulders, lower back and especially the knees constantly since they have to make sure the ball does not fall on their side of the court. Many players will use improper techniques to cause RSI or even the type of playing surface can affect these injuries to progress, however many healthcare practitioners can help volleyball athletes to dampen the effects of RSI so volleyball players can get back into the game.

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