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PUSH as Rx Fitness & Athletic Training can push the barriers that other gyms can’t provide. They believe that anyone can make a commitment to change their lifestyle. By blending Crossfit and Personal Training, PUSH can make customizable workouts that are tailored to everyone no matter what the size they are. The trainers ultimately PUSH’ing their clients to not only feel good but look their absolute best as well. PUSH not only offers strength and conditioning programs, but they also help improves the athletic ability for kids and teams of any sport at any age. The PUSH Kids program uses a combination of skill practice, workouts and games to help children build their strength and condition. The classes range from the elements of gymnastics, weight lifting, bodyweight movements, running, jump rope and many more. PUSH is here to help support anyone’s need to be steered in the right direction and help them with their physical transformation. By providing nutritional coaching to help their members to learn how to properly fuel their bodies and anyone can count on them to design a unique program to motivate them every step in every way.

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