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Joshua Barto, 31 years old, describes how foot-levelers and custom foot orthotics have helped him improve his athletic performance. A variety of health issues can happen with excessive foot pronation, including internal knee rotation, pelvis tilt, and dropped shoulder, among a variety of other health issues and complications, such as overuse injuries. According to healthcare professionals, overuse injuries caused by excessive foot pronation may occur due to compensation or the body’s ability to adapt to changes in foot mobility and posture. Several health issues and complications can also cause bigger problems that can ultimately affect athletic performance in athletes. These health issues and complications can also cause a variety of other severe health issues if ignored or left untreated. Custom foot orthotics can help promote and support overall health and wellness in athletes by improving excessive foot pronation and enhancing athletic performance. The following video discusses how many health issues and complications associated with excessive foot pronation can affect athletic performance. Dr. Alex Jimenez can help promote and support overall health and wellness with the use of custom foot orthotics. Excessive foot pronation is a well-known health issue that can cause many health issues and complications if ignored and left untreated.  Foot pronation is the natural movement that occurs during foot landing while walking or running. Foot pronation also occurs while standing, and in this instance, it is the amount in which the foot rolls inward toward the arch or outward away from the arch. Foot pronation is normal, however, excessive foot pronation can also cause bad posture. Healthcare professionals prescribe custom foot orthoses to help improve foot mobility and posture. According to healthcare professionals, custom foot orthotics can help improve foot mobility and posture in people with excessive foot pronation by allowing them to change back to their original foot mobility and posture. Dr. Alex Jimenez, a chiropractor or doctor of chiropractic in El Paso, TX, can offer patients custom foot orthotics to help improve health issues and complications, including internal knee rotation, pelvis tilt, and dropped shoulder, among a variety of other health issues like overuse injuries, as well as improve athletic performance. People like Joshua Barto, 31 years old, have experienced improved athletic performance and overall health and wellness with custom foot orthotics.



[00:00:31] My name is Joshua Barto. I’m 31 years old.

[00:00:37] I have worked with foot- levelers, coming up on eight years. I currently work in the modifications department. So I’ve always run since I was a little kid. I ran cross-country in school. Do races around Roanoke because I was born here. I’ve just always enjoyed it. I’ve always stayed fit and played a lot of sports. What’s special to me about the foot levelers Blue Ridge Marathon is the fact that it’ll be my first official half marathon. I have run one before. Never on paper or actually competing. I actually had a couple of friends run it the last two years which they’ve kind of inspired me to do so. As far as how I’m training for the full levelers Blue Ridge marathon, I started by, I’m a 5k 10k racer, so I just started increasing the amount of miles that I run. Foot levelers obviously help with this gym that they allow us to use, especially on our breaks after work. We have a great workout for the payout program that I obviously take advantage of. You know, it’s great that it’s provided to us. I’m also a big trail fan, so I stick to the trails that are local around here. And it’s nice that we have access to the Greenway, which is also so close to our company. And, you know, it’s nice that he’s provided us with the treadmills when it’s on a rainy day. As far as the dumbbells and exercise and everything that we have. So I do my weight training here and my running. I start here sometimes as well.

[00:02:24] Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain throughout their body caused by imbalances and instabilities in their feet. But today, individually designed stabilizing orthotics are helping people live active pain-free lives. Stabilizing orthotics are designed for your body based on a scan of your feet. Unlike the one size fits all orthotics that don’t address your specific needs, your stabilizing orthotics can provide more stability and support.

[00:02:50] The difference in these orthotics compared to over the counter is supporting the three arch structure called the plantar vault. This structure provides momentum for movement. Your arches from its springy flexibility to accommodate changes in terrain. If one arch in your foot is compromised or you have flat feet.

[00:03:10] Flexibility will diminish and can lead to considerable pain in your ankles, knees, hips, and back.

[00:03:18] Stabilizing orthotics gives you the stable foundation…

[00:03:21] You need to help reduce unnecessary stress and strain on your joints. Your plantar vault also provides strength to support the weight of your entire body.

[00:03:32] Once your feet are properly supported, a leveling effect will occur to your ankles, knees, and hips.



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The Neurotransmitter Assessment Form (NTAF) shown above can be filled out and presented to Dr. Alex Jimenez. The next symptoms that are listed on this form are not intended to be utilized as a diagnosis of any type of condition, disease, or syndrome, as well as any other type of health issue and complication.




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