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Foot pronation is not a common word. In fact, many people do not know what pronation means. When it comes to the foot being pronated, it is referring to the rolling of the arches in the foot which leads to all arches collapsing. Personally, we see a lot of patients who have this specific problem. This can be an underlying cause for low back pain, unevenness in the hips, low back pain, and even shoulder discomfort. Many individuals do not know they have this issue. We have the ability to scan each patient’s foot and create a custom 3-D printed orthotic to help fix this issue and diminish the pains one feels every day while walking. One reason I love getting patients’ feet scanned and prescribing them custom orthotics is so they can feel the difference of walking and to hear how their pain went away. The process is extremely quick and beneficial for everyone. Dr. Jimenez office has the ability to provide custom 3-D orthotics to every individual. – Kenna Vaughn, Senior Health Coach


[00:00:05] Hi, I’m Dr. Marc Charrette. And I’d like to talk to you briefly about two seemingly contradictory aspects of what pronation. First, Why is there a lateral posterior heel wear? When in reality, foot pronation involves a rolling in of the ankles where all three arches collapse. Thus using a medial heel wedge. Well, first, let’s think about some of the mechanics of what goes on with foot pronation foot pronation is developed slowly over a period of time and then foot pronation.

[00:00:37] There is a dominance of the everters, the The peroneus longus and brevis over the inverters, anterior and posterior tibialis. So upon heel strike, the typical pronator has foot flare or toe-out, which will give you a more lateral posterior heel wear. Now in pronation, at midstance, where the greatest distortion in the foot occurs, you’ll see that the arch is flattest, the medial longitude arch collapses the most at midsentence. Therefore, in many orthotics, you’ll find a medial heel wedge. So now that you know this information, it makes perfect sense to have lateral posterior heal wear.

[00:01:21] Along with a medial hill wedge on a pronated foot.

Dr. Alex Jimenez

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